Human Resource Strategy

Human resource, the “first capital” of enterprise, is more valuable than monetary capital. The future competition between companies will be the competition of human resource, and the human resource will serve as the first resource of the enterprise. NEW COPERATION JOINT-STOCK TRADE CHAIN CO., LTD carries out human resource strategy in terms of career planning, emotion, salary and culture.



To offer capable people job opportunities;

To attract capable people with promising future, family spirit and work practice;

To keep capable people with reasonable salary, to evaluate people with performance assessment, to stimulate capable people with promising career planning;

Open selection, fair competition, and right positions for right people.

II. Incentive Mechanism

With first-class remuneration to attract first-class talents, with first-class talents to create first-class performance;

With first-class performance to bring first-class benefits, with first-class benefits to offer first-class remuneration;

You work for the company, and the company provides you a caring and understanding environment with respect and trust.

Salary based on skills, bonus based on performance, and ranking based on contribution.


Human Resource Principles

Employees must have: integrity, good psychological quality and mental outlook, suitable for job requirements of professional skills, good team spirit, strong learning and innovation ability.


Employment Principles:

(a)     adhere to the administrative force and the principle of market-oriented operation

(b)     adhere to the relevant provisions of enterprise management of All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives and modern enterprise personnel management system.

(c)     adhere to the principle of openness, fairness and impartiality.

(d)     adhere to the selection of capable people with integrity

(e)     adhere to the priority in selection of staff in supply and marketing cooperative system


Principles of Personnel Training

(a)     adhere to the principle of the unified training of headquarters and subsidiaries;

(b)     adhere to the principle of unified training and self-study;

(c)     adhere to the principles of combination of training and work practice;

(d)     adhere to the principle of combination of pre-vocational training, vocational training and job-transfer training;

(e)     divide the training into multi-categories and multi-levels based on the development of enterprise