Hao Yanling attends the 2nd Member Exchange Session of CCTEA
SOURCE: AUTHOR: DATE: 2016-12-22


On December 15th, the 2nd Member Exchange Session of CCTEA (Private Brand Exhibition) was held in Xinyang, Henan. Hao Yanling (president of New Cooperation Group & president of CCTEA) and 130 member representatives attended the meeting.

Hao Yanling said in speech that the member exchange was a part of CCTEA association activities; with various member & brand activities, the association served as the "family of enterprises, family of entrepreneurs and family of trade officers"; and pointed out that the development of private brand should be based on Internet operation and joint cooperation, in consideration of the actual situation of retail enterprise to enhance the competitiveness of retail industry.

Liu Yuezhong (vice president and Secretary General of CCTEA) delivered a report on the spirit of the Fifth Council of All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives and the future activity arrangements. He said that the association would continue to organize better activities, strive to build professional committee in operation, strengthen cooperation and improve the service.


In the meeting, member representatives shared the business experience. The members also visited community shops, mall stores, village center stores and supermarkets of Xinyang 100 chain business Co. Ltd. More than 10 private brands were exhibited in the conference. New Cooperation brand was welcomed by member enterprises.